Monday, October 1, 2012

Formal Thank You

Hi there!  Have you ever been overwhelmed by wonderful hospitality? That very thing happened to my hubby and me several weekends ago. We traveled with some friends to NJ to visit with their extended family. We were welcomed to a HUGE dinner complete with the formal china and stemware. There was so much good food and the decor was lovely--I can truly say that I felt honored to be a guest. The conversation was even better than the feast. I could tell that the hostess labored over dinner preparations for a long while--everything was homemade and the smallest detail was attended to. It truly is an art to be able to extend great hospitality... We were in a formal setting but the feeling was warm and friendly. I felt like we were part of the family. I’m so thankful for the friends I have and for being able to get to know new friends!

The card below is what I sent to thank the gracious host and hostess. I made it a formal design on the outside but warmed it up with a handwritten note on the inside. I also included a stamped verse as the first inside layer (with my handwritten note on a second page below it--not shown). 

Thanks so much for looking!

Stay inspired,


I placed a stamped verse on the inside with a handwritten note on the second page just below.


  1. I'm sure your hosts were as appreciative of this lovely card as you were of their hospitality.


  2. Oh how elegant! You're right, gracious hospitality is so rare these days, probably because it's a rare person who has the time to make everything from scratch. Generally those who have the time are retired and fresh out of the energy it requires.

    Your cards are as satisfying to look at as a table elegantly set with china and stemware. There's something soul-satisfying about elegance, at least for me. As formal as this card is, this one is still warm and sumptuous looking.

    Is the "many thanks" a stamp? That one is very rare too!

    Thanks for sharing,

    1. Thank you Bahb! The sentiment on this card is actually a sticker--I think it may be a Mrs. Grossman's sticker but I am not certain.


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